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80cals in 100ml of Red Wine



The Nitty Gritty Of Calorie Counting



I have previously written articles on diet and exercise and whether exercise is essential to lose weight and some tips on how to increase the likelihood of success with your new years resolution to be healthier. This time, I want to explain more about calorie counting as a tool to weight loss and why it works so well for me.


I yo-yo dieted for years before finally knuckling down and getting on with it. I tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World also but found they just didn’t suit my needs. Basically, I love to eat crap. I’ll happily grab a sandwich from a garage or a protein bar for lunch and I love eating a decent amount of chocolate in the evenings. I hate eating salad unless it accompanies a pizza and I despise fruit unless I have sugar coated strawberries with cream. I admit at times my diet isn’t particularly healthy. I try and get vegetables in and would love to say I do this most days, but that would be a lie. I can’t be bothered preparing things in advance and would much rather have a bowl of Frosties or Oat So Simple golden syrup flavour porridge than make overnights oats. I can gag just thinking about the texture of overnight oats. For these reasons, Weight Watchers and Slimming World just doesn’t work for me. Following these plans would mean I would likely use my ‘syns’ or ‘points’ up by mid-morning most likely and I hate being shammed for my food choices.


Life is a bit hectic this end. I have been working on a cruise ship for the past four months, and before that was working in various A&E departments around the South West. I don’t have time to meal prep in-between working, mumming, golfing and wife-ing. I have been maintaining my nearly 4 stone weight loss (25kg) for around 3 years now. Since April I have been trying to eat sensibly without having to calorie count and it was going well until I joined the ship in August. I presumed that after 3 years I would be strong enough to resist a buffet when necessary and refuse a glass of Baileys but unfortunately the change of food, routine and increased social occasions has caused some weight gain. I am trying to shift my extra pounds before I head back on the ships by the end of January and have vowed to resist the alcohol and buffet as much as possible the next time round. I am still trying to do this without calorie counting as I know I won’t be able to do it when I’m away from home, but it is so much harder.

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Most people have heard of Romania and I am curious how much our readers actually know about it.  Relax Around The World have just visited Romania and we want to share with our readers what we have discovered. We thank our sponsors Carro Delivery for the opportunity, support and guidance.

A few facts about Romania:​

  • Food is fantastic everywhere you go, with specific food in regional specialities – mainly very delicious meat dishes. One very famous and specific dish is similar to the Turkish kofte kebab, but the recipe is better and more delicious. Named mici or mititei meaning ‘small’ in English (likely due to the size); they are very delicious accompanied with a bit of mustard and fresh bread. Try Romanian beer after – it is one of the most appreciated in the region because of the pure and high-quality water used for production.

  • If you are considering buying a meaningful gift you need to look for a traditional Iia. This is a very special and personalised shirt. Made from natural fibres only, containing specific symbols and traditional signs specific for the region where the person is. They are worn by both men and women and they are very beautiful and flattering. In Romanian culture they are traditionally inherited for generations made by grandaughters with guidance by their grandmothers, for their futures husbands. Some families have Iia which are more than 100 years old. In the past this shirt was like a passport containing the English version of a Coat-of-Arms, everyone can recognize you and your birth place/family, depending on the hand embroidered symbols on your shirt. This was particularly useful in war times to help identify people who were returning from war very badly injured or unable to identify themselves without official documents. Many people were identified from these shirts, specific and individual for every region, village, and family. This was a great help in returning them to their families and villages. Nowadays these shirts are used on special occasions, for religious days and important family occasions. They can be quite expensive, but they are unique, and hand made. There are regional versions of these shirts that tourists can purchase.

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All About Rashes

All About Rashes


Rashes can be scary, particularly when they appear on young children. Your Pocket Nurse is here to help you identify what may be causing your rash, and what to do about it.


Your rash could be bacterial, viral, fungal or allergic and the treatment for each is different. Remember, if you have a new rash, particularly on a child and you/they feel unwell, it is important to seek medical advice.


Bacterial Meningitis


Rarer than viral meningitis and more common in babies, young children and teenagers. Meningitis is when the membranes around the spinal cord, and brain (the meninges) become infected/inflamed. This can lead to septicemia and brain/nerve damage. It is important to seek urgent medical advice if you suspect bacterial meningitis. Although not always accompanied by a rash, I am putting it first due to the severity of the illness.


Symptoms of Bacterial Meningitis can be some or all of the following:

1. Fever

2. Nausea/Vomiting

3. A rash that does not fade when doing the glass test (rolling a glass over the top with gentle pressure) - not always present

4. Stiff neck

5. Photophobia (dislike and sensitivity to bright lights)

6. Fatigue/unresponsiveness

7. seizures/fits

8. Confusion

9. Cold hands and/or feet

10. Mottled skin

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“La test’hi”- means do not feel shy about having more. Be assured this is one of those popular cuisines that will make you full in the stomach but still leave you yearning for more.

The cuisine of a particular land is intricately woven with its culture, national dress, architecture, traditions, and lot more things. Mingle it with globalisation and you have a food culture that has transformed in the last two decades. The most popular nowadays is Middle Eastern cuisine. It is not only influencing what we eat but also how we eat. Although it is just the beginning, the cuisine is becoming increasingly popular among Westerners.

The food culture of Westerners has changed rapidly which can be attributed to changing lifestyles (apart from globalisation), wellbeing, health, and sustainability. This is due to the very reason that Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Arabic cuisine is regarded as an authentic dish that still retains its traditional way of cooking giving out flavourful and healthy food. The cuisine does not change its taste with the land it travels to. The region has a distinctive style of food that is embodied in various colourful mezze platters, emphasizing natural ingredients and simplicity.

To avoid any negative connotation, Middle Eastern cuisine was hiding under the broader term of Mediterranean cuisine. But with people traveling to different places, with migration, and also with social influencers, the cuisine has been globally recognised. It is dishes such as falafel and hummus that have changed the perspective from the Mediterranean to Middle Eastern and more particularly Arabic cuisines.

Before we launch into a tirade on Arabic food, get Action Camera, because with all those wonderful Arabic foods you need to keep a memory of it.


All About Bites

Being bitten can be incredibly annoying, but depending on what is eating you, it is possible to become quite ill and no one wants to feel unwell on holiday. Thankfully there are a multitude of simple precautions you can take to deter the pesky beasts and varying treatments you can use if its too late to avoid them.



Depending where you are travelling will be a huge factor in the pests that you will be at risk from and the diseases they spread. When I think about being bitten whilst travelling, the first thing that comes to mind is being devoured by mosquitoes whilst sleeping. Not only are they incredibly annoying, they can spread some pretty horrendous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and zika virus. I have often wondering why one person can be left untouched by these insects whilst the person next to them wakes up looking like they’ve caught the measles. Apparently, one of the reasons for this is that people give off different odours, and some people do not smell as attractive to mosquitoes as other people, or their odour actually masks them and makes them harder to find. Interesting fact, it is only the female mosquitoes that bite and it is in fact their saliva and the histamine we produce in reaction to it, which causes the irritation, itching and swelling we are familiar with after being bitten.

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First Time Angler- Get All The Essentials for Fishing Expeditions

The season is here for fishing and you can hear everyone making plans for it. But as much as it sounds fun and interesting, you suddenly know that you have never done fishing in your life.  And now you are yearning to be part of this all-men-squad-fun-time-fishing squad. Just listening to their plans make you join them, but then if they make fun of you or worst you make a fool of yourself. Fret not, you just get into the plans, and yes to the expedition. Remember no matter how skilful one becomes with a hobby or an activity, every one of us has started as a novice

First timer and it seems quite complicated. Well, it is not. All you need to get a fishing license, a bit of gear, location, technique, weather, temperature, the behaviour of the fish and read through all the information provided here. Trust us, you will enjoy fishing and nobody has to know that you are a first-time Angler. Just keep it simple.For new people like you, start with spin fishing that uses a rod with a spinning reel that baits or lures a fish to it. Sounds easy right, it is easy because it is one of the easiest ways with minimal investment, to get done with fishing. As soon as you get the hang of fishing you can then go for saltwater fishing, fly-fishing as well as other types of gear fishing. In these types of fishing, one can utilize different reels.

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Diarrhoea and Vomiting Abroad

Diarrhoea and vomiting on holiday abroad.


Whether caused by bacteria, parasites or a virus, nothing is more efficient at ruining your holiday than diarrhoea and vomiting. Being sick abroad and unwell on holiday is miserable. The symptoms themselves can last up to a number of days, and leave you feeling drained and exhausted. It’s not only an embarrassing inconvenience and a waste of money when you could sit in your own toilet at home for free, it can be quite dangerous too. Dehydration after even just one day of diarrhoea and/or vomiting is quite possible, particularly coupled with the fact your likely to be in a hotter climate. The loss of important bodily electrolytes can cause liver and kidney damage amongst other pretty nasty conditions and particular caution should be given to those over 65 and less than 5 years old.


A huge number of Brits can no doubt share some really delightful stories of their own gastro experiences - I have a particularly nasty one about a toddler who didn’t have his own aeroplane seat and a 14hr direct fight to London from Kuala Lumpur sitting on my lap - needless to say its a relatively common and grim experience for even the occasional traveller.

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Diarrhoea and Vomiting Abroad

A Blog on Breast Care – A Special Reference to Breast Care

Knowing what’s typical for your breasts is the first step toward better breast health (breast awareness). Consider performing regular breast self-exams to promote breast health. You’ll learn how your breasts’ sensitivity and texture change during your menstrual cycle with practice. Breast lumps, breast discomfort, and nipple discharge are common concerns for many women. Understand what is normal and when to seek medical advice. Clinical breast exams, mammography, and breast ultrasounds are just a few examples of typical screening and diagnostic testing for breast health. Understand the surgical process, including who is a candidate for surgery, what to expect from the procedure, and potential risks, whether you’re considering breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Why is it necessary to take care of my breasts when you are breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding, your breasts will go through typical modifications. While breastfeeding, you may experience issues with your breasts and nipples. Learn about the differences between normal and abnormal alterations. Breast care can aid in the prevention and management of issues, allowing you and your baby to reap the benefits of breastfeeding. It is critical to take care of your breasts in order to avoid diseases and indications of aging. Every woman, no matter how young or old, needs to take care of her breasts.

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A Blog on Breast Care – A Special Reference to Breast Care

All About Sunburn

Who hasn’t experienced sunburn? I myself have been stupid enough to not only let myself burn on multiple occasions, but to the point of blistering twice when I was young. Any severity of sunburn is a pretty grim experience and can really put a downer on your holiday. Not only is it very painful, it is also rather embarrassing - like having a huge sign on you to spot the pale and pasty newcomer to the beach! If you are here doing research before your holiday, and are looking for prevention methods, do emphasise the importance of prevention by reading the scary stats below. If its too late and you’re reading this whilst soaking your poor body that is already fried to a crisp in Aloe Vera, don’t skip ahead to treatments quite yet, you clearly need a dose of common sense.


Sunburn is also dangerous, do not under estimate the possible repercussions from what seems to be a temporary discomfort. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that children or adolescents who burn to the point of blistering on just one occasion, increases their chances of melanoma (skin cancer) by more than double. Furthermore, Cancer Research statistics state a rather terrifying rise of 140% in skin cancer cases in the last 20 years. Ladies, your highest risk areas are your legs, but men are most likely to develop skin cancer in the trunk. Please get any new moles checked by your GP and be vigilant with any changes to existing moles.

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All About Sunburn

Oh Let’s Flaunt That Baby Bump in Style

It is such a matter of delight when you come to know what you are expecting. With the news a whole new thing changes in your life, right from your lifestyle to even clothes. Yes, as soon as your baby grows inside you, there are innumerable things that you need to take into consideration. Being pregnant is a beautiful moment of life. However, it makes changes in your food habits, your lifestyle, and even your choice of clothes. Overall, for the next nine months, you can expect a whole lot of changes in your life that were never there. After a few months into pregnancy and you can observe that your old clothes are too tight for your bulging body. Hence, you need an entirely new set of wardrobes.

Not catering to the needs

A long, long time ago, maternity dresses means clothes that resembled almost tent-like. The general conception was that if you are pregnant you need huge clothes that will hide your pregnancy (though it was a weird conception because anyways your pregnancy is visible). There were not a lot of options or designers. You get to choose from those unflattering designs when your regular cloth would not fit. Women were expected to hide their pregnancies. Reasons? Unknown. But over time, it has changed.

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Oh Let’s Flaunt That Baby Bump in Style


After almost more than a year of fear and uncertainty, you need to plan a pleasure and leisure trip to pink beaches- an ideal trip to the Bahamas. The pink beaches in the Bahamas get their vibrant and lively colour from fractured seashells that are mixed with ordinary sand. With 2400 cays (mini islands) and 700 islands, throughout the clearest water in the world, this island boasts fabulous coral reefs, friendly locales, warm surf, beautiful and glorious beaches, and of course golf courses. This destination guarantees that it has everything for every kind of travellers. You just have to know where to look for.

Tripping to the Bahamas

The best time to visit the island is before the start of the hurricane season-between mid-April to early July, when also the peak tourist season is over, which is usually from January through May, or October through November. Usually, the locals there speak English and Bahamian Creole. You will find a host of activities happening on the island during the peak season. The Bahamian dollar and US dollar are widely accepted and so you can easily travel without any worries about the currency. For getting around in Nassau, you will find an abundance of cabs with friendly and knowledgeable drivers ensuring an enjoyable and stress free method of exploring.

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All About The Common Cold

Common Cold symptoms and general advice from Your Pocket Nurse


It is staggering how many people do not know the treatment options available to them in regards to symptom relief from the common cold. I have worked in a many different clinic type settings, and the amount of people who seek professional medical advice, even just for a runny nose, still surprises me. Would you make a GP appointment for a mild sore throat and a blocked nose? Well, some people might, but you’d be unlikely to get an appointment for 2 weeks anyway, at which point the symptoms should have resolved.


Many people are seeking medical advice with cold-like symptoms, due to being concerned about Covid-19. We are so fortunate in this country to have had a rapid roll out of the vaccine, but unfortunately this does mean that the vast majority of people who are Covid-19 positive and vaccinated now only have mild cold-like symptoms, if any symptoms at all. It is always worth trying to get a PCR test done, or at least do a home antigen test before risking spreading Covid-19, and particularly before contact with vulnerable people. I won’t bang on about Covid-19 here but will likely do a separate post later on. In the meantime, if you get any of the symptoms I mention in this article, do bear in mind it might be Covid-19.

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All About The Common Cold from Your Pocket Nurse


The wilderness has a thing that can speak and show us our roots without saying a word. It evokes feelings that can’t be deciphered by human language. The flora and fauna have a soothing effect on our frazzled nerves. Step into nature and you will feel the difference. The air, the animals wandering around in their free world, the tranquillity of nature, everything makes you feel calmer and different.

Only a few populations in the world are heralding their tradition and culture, living close to the earth, remaining unabated by the modernity of the world.  A place where time began, where you do want to discover the primal need to return, a place where you want to explore the beginnings of life.  If wilderness is what you want to venture into, then this African Country should be on the top bucket list. Kenya is what satisfies the wanderlust soul in every being. The snow-capped mountains, the deep forests, the vast wildlife, and its broad Savannah. Witness and explore the great population of Samburu and Maasai peoples holding on to the earth with their age-old tradition. Ignite the wanderlust in you, by planning a trip to Kenya, and the Safaris.

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The jewelled sparkling waters, the sandy beach, the cool breeze blowing on your face, the bright-hued of the sun, if you are already painting picture on your mind, then it is time to hit one of the beaches. From a quick getaway to the mystical beach of the Pacific Northwest to an exotic vacation to Seychelles, these beaches sure lure you to their mystic land, revealing a cool and luxurious vacation. But why beach and why not another picturesque place? Well for the record when you plan a vacation it will mean different to you as compared to others. Maybe a whirlwind European tour, or trying exotic foods, or climbing and conquering mighty mountains or visiting prestigious museums, or exploring the wild. The choices are varied and can be an exhilarating and learning experience. But for now, let’s head to the beach. We are pretty sure between us we can give unlimited reasons to head to the water.

Why vacation is so important?

Your life has become mechanical, and monotonous and you feel drained for most of the time. Taking few days off from this regular life can help to bolster your mental, physical, and emotional health.

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One of our consultants has had the amiability to share a few of his experiences from one of our projects in South Sudan. South Sudan is a fairly new country and it has more than 12 million people. The medical system is quite rudimentary, which can be expected of a new country, and needs some new developments in order to be able to offer decent medical facilities and services countrywide. Most of the medical practice is done by buying antibiotics and vaccines from markets or small stores. Dr. D worked in South Sudan for 10 weeks, coordinating the medical clinics for one of our clients. What was it like working in South Sudan? It was quite an experience working there, and an especially useful one for me as everything was vastly different. I was used to Western medical facilities and arriving at the facility I realised just how different it all was! Luckily, our client had provided us with everything we needed in terms of medical facilities and it was up to international standards. We were able to fulfil all medical emergencies for our client and give supportive treatment and procedures to high standards. I had a brilliant team of colleagues with a lot of field experience and together we managed one mini hospital (4 hospital beds, a resus room, a pharmacy and two consultation rooms) and five other permanent camp sites with medical tents for first aid.

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Interview with a field Doctor

Oh Gift How Could You Be So Beautiful!

Who does not love gifts? However, it should not be a chore and must come from the heart. When you gift from the heart, a lot of thoughts go into it when you are trying to buy something unique. Making someone feel special, is what your gift should be about. The one who receives should know that a lot of feeling has gone into giving away the gift. Self-gratification while gifting

While it does feel good when you receive a gift. But the self-gratification that you feel while selecting a gift and then giving it away, and then you see the person feeling happy, cannot be measured in money. The happiness that you get while watching the reaction of the person opening your gift is far more than you open yours. A more self-fulfilling experience it is, that remains with you for a long time. The gift is a universal way to show love, interest, gratitude, and of course, strengthen bonds.What does gifting establish? The reason you give gifts is that you love that person. By gifting you aim to establish a strong relationship and good bond with the other person. By relationship it is not meant to establish the only romantic relationship, it could gifting to cement friendship, thanking your mentor, appreciating for their help in need, sending good wishes to someone on their special day.

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Oh Gift How Could You Be So Beautiful!


The beautiful capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur should be on every ones must visit list for Relax Destinations.  On the outskirts of the 1500-hectare Bukit Lagong nature reserve, this beautiful city rises out from the rainforest like it has naturally grown there. With the Titiwangsa Mountains close to the East of the city, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or an enthusiastic shopper, there is something for everyone here.

The constant temperatures here, between 32-35 degrees, makes Kuala Lumpur a great place to visit any time of the year, however take an umbrella as you will be close to the rainforest and the weather can turn from beautifully warm, sunny and humid to a torrential downpour with very little warning.  Visitors can be surprised by the often daily downpour, but rest assured, it will often last only an hour before returning to an even warmer and humid state.

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Follow Your Taste and You Will Never Be Out of Style

What do you see first, when you enter anybody’s home, you look into the interior? The walls, the furniture, the décor. Yes, the décor is what attracts your attention. A beautiful décor home plays an important part that influences your mood, expresses how you live and feel. When you move into a house devoid of everything, it throws to you the challenges to work around it. The challenge is to liven up the blank space with your creative mind, keeping in mind your budget. Creating a beautiful and perfect abode you long to come home to. But you don’t need to decorate your house all at once. Take time, speculate, and then plan accordingly. You can do it at your own pace, the way you want, and one that suits your budget.

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The North of Spain is often overlooked by tourists world-wide, with British visitors particularly preferring the warmer, drier South for their week of sun worshiping relaxation.  However, for those people wanting to visit the ‘true Spain’ it doesn’t get more beautiful than the North, and Galicia particularly.  With a more seasonable climate than the South, equalling far more annual rainfall, Galicia is a lush and green land. With mild rainy winters and sunny but cooler summers than the South, Galicia is the holiday destination choice for the Spanish people. Untouched and unspoilt, it remains a traditional Spain and even here, fortunately, summers tend to be dry but much more bearable than the often oppressively hot South. The Galician coastline is one of spectacular beauty, with a choice of small coves and inlets perfect for those with small children wanting a safe, shallow swim with barely a ripple of waves.  There are also beaches perfect for the more active pursuits such as surfing and windsurfing.  With an Atlantic coastline, rather than the Balearic/Mediterranean Sea as is in the South, the water is much cooler, however the smaller and shallower inlets do warm up nicely.

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The gambling motivation

Do you know why people gamble? Or what is the motivation lying behind it? The reasons behind it are the ready availability of the process of gambling and the cultural acceptability. However, many never gamble, while some just love gambling irrespective of anything. While some others do it because they believe that gambling is the shortcut to solve all their financial problems. Gambling is not a unitary phenomenon rather multifaceted. This is because many factors come into play at different levels in different ways and that which could be social, psychological, or biological.

So what are you waiting for book and plan a trip to New Jersey

Yes, you heard that right. New Jersey it is. For beaches? No, that is your new haven for gambling. Since 2019, when Supreme Court overturn a ban on wagers, there has been a surge in sports bets. Apart from getting into casinos, the men are betting online. A large contingent of New Yorkers is traveling to New Jersey for the betting part. Most of this betting is taking place when the commuters are waiting to get into a means of public transport. With the help of Geolocation software, the bettors can continue betting at the various site by just being present at the state.

The state has seen a spurt in the casinos, for on-the-spot-betting at the premises of the casino. However, the phenomenon of border hopping from New York to New Jersey to bet online has been prevalent for the last few years before the pandemic hit us hurt.

When the pandemic struck, many thought casinos would hit hard. But the activity at an online casino has nothing but has increased. It has doubled as a result of a complete shutdown. In 2018 when New Jersey challenged the US gambling laws, it put itself on the map by legalizing sports betting. Now the inhabitants of New Jersey enjoy a lot of freedom to bet on games and sports, placing bets on racetracks, casinos, and other venues. It has grown only stronger towards the end of 2020, even during these pandemic times, the market has showcased the power to perform strongly. It seems the New Jersey sportsbook market has just grown stronger during this turbulent period.


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